Dare to Explore Your Options (Part III)…in Trans* Resources!

Initially when you arrived on campus, did it ever seem as if you were just a tiny fish in a large pond full of heterosexual fish who did not necessarily consider the needs of the people of the LGBTQ community? That is definitely understandable. How can anyone come here to this huge research institution of nearly 50,000 students expecting to get some kind of special attention? Impossible right!? It’s kind of like taking in Chemistry 142 with 500 other students and expecting to get personal attention around the clock from your professor.

Except in this case (if you’re an LGTBQ student, at least), don’t compare yourself to the 500+ students enrolled in Chemistry 142. Want to know why? You have many people on this campus supporting you and taking your needs into consideration. Just visit the Trans* Resources page of the Q-Center and see for yourself!

For instance, the UW makes it possible for you to find a Queer Positive Roommate and this year for the first time, the UW’s Housing and Food Services (along with the Q-Center) is offering Gender-Neutral Housing! In other words, students can mutually agree to share a room, suite, or apartment regardless of gender. Poplar Hall, McMahon Hall, and Nordheim Court are the three gender-neutral housing facilities. If you are living in a dorm that is not gender-neutral, but are interested in living in gender-neutral housing, it’s not too late you can still send in a request form. There are also a number of gender-neutral bathrooms in various buildings around campus.

Also, coming soon at the Intramural Activities Building (IMA), is a universal locker room facility. The Q-Center recognizes the fact that navigating the IMA for queer/trans*/gender variant students can be difficult or complex. The Department of Recreational Sports Programs (RSP), along with the Q-Center, is developing a gender-neutral locker room for students of the LGBTQ community.

I hope you have been enjoying the three-part series, “Dare to Explore Your Options!” This is the final leg of the series and the intent of this post was to reveal more about the accommodations that the UW provides for the students of the LGBTQ community on campus.

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One Response to Dare to Explore Your Options (Part III)…in Trans* Resources!

  1. rabeam says:

    Great job this week. You’ve milked a visit to the Q Center for three posts that provide a lot of useful info. Not only that, but you probably have four or five more potential ideas within those posts. For example, a post (or story) on the universal locker room. Fascinating idea. Or you could follow up on the Queer Positive roommate item — how’s it work, how’s it working. Or maybe a little more on the Gay City Health Project.

    By the way, I think there are quite a few LGBT students involved in the I-74 initiative. That could become a post or two, or even a story later. Great job on this so far. One request: What about changing the subtitle of the blog. Get rid of the generic subtitle.

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